Cancellation & Other Policies

Email notice of at least 72 hours before the arrival date is required for most reservation cancellations or modifications. For bookings, during high season (June 01 – September 30), or special events (i.e., Conference, Music Festival, Regatta) 30 days cancellation notice may be required. If a cancellation notice is provided less than the required time stated in the booking confirmation email, the customer will be charged a “Late Cancellation Fee” equal to one night at a regular/non-discounted room rate. Reservations for three nights or longer the cancellation fee is 50% of the reservation amount. “No Show Fee” is equal to the full reservation amount.

CANCELLATION NOTICE MUST BE E-MAILED. Cancellations by phone are not valid.
Reservations made with third-party providers like BOOKING.COM, Expedia, HOTELS.COM, etc. must be canceled where the booking was made.

We require a valid credit card information only to secure/guarantee the reservation and incidental charges. If credit card information is submitted incorrectly or the credit card expires before guest arrival, we would not guarantee that reservation. Please make sure credit-card Information is correct and is valid for the time of arrival before proceeding making the reservation.

An additional discount is available for some payment options.

We provide our guests with a parking permit free of charge for the duration of their stay.
The room key and the parking permit must be available for the next guest check-in at 2 pm.

Parking permit replacement fee is $95.00+tax.
Room key replacement fee is $29.00+tax.

Balmoral House is a 100% Smoke-Free establishment under the “Newfoundland and Labrador Smoke-Free Environment Act” (O.C. 98-122). Smoking anywhere on the premises is prohibited. Violating the “Non-Smoking policy” will result in a fine, a room sanitizing and other charges.

Unfortunately, as much as we love pets, we are not able to accommodate any pets. The entire facility is pets free.

There are “City Safety Regulations” that affects the number of people allowed to reside in the premises at the same time.
Therefore, we can only accommodate a maximum of two guests per room.

We offer discounted rate on a consecutive, multiple nights reservation. Our Online Booking System offers better rates for 3 or more nights stays as well.

Up to 50%, Off-Season Discount is available (November 01 – May 01) for our luxurious rooms based on more than two nights reservations.

Balmoral House management and staff accept no liability whatsoever for any injury or loss sustained by guests or any other visitors while in the home, or for any loss or damage to any property brought to the premises. We accept no responsibility for any death, illness, loss, or damages to property and motor vehicles. We take no responsibility for the quality of services delivered by third-party service providers.

Camping equipment or items like; portable barbeques, fuel or propane tanks of any kind, candles, bicycles or scooters are not allowed on the premises. We put an extra effort to deliver high-quality accommodation and expect the guest to be respectful if eating or drinking in the bedrooms. Guests are liable for any damages caused by negligence.