Map & Directions

38 Queen’s Road (Not to be confused with Queen’s Street)
Queens Road becomes New-Gower where “Delta Hotel”, “St. John’s Convention Center” and “Mile One Stadium” are located less than 10 minutes easy walk from our location. Sheraton Hotel is also about 10 minutes easy walk. “The Rooms Complex” is located across the street directly behind our establishment.

Exiting the airport, turn left (south) on Portugal Cove Road, and stay in the LEFT lane.

After crossing the second traffic light (“Holiday Inn” on your left) the road will split where right lane must exit. Stay in the right lane, and follow the road/the turn. After branching off, you will still be on Portugal Cove Road.

At the end of Rennie’s Mill Road, there are two intersections with Yield signs 30 feet apart, followed by a third intersection with traffic lights (Military Road). You must line up and stay in the right lane before the lights, (you will have to turn right approximately 30 feet after crossing Military Road.

Once on Queen’s Road. “Balmoral House” would be on your right-hand side #38.

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Exit the Highway at “EXIT 41 A”. This route will take you directly to Downtown (approximately 10 Minutes) this road becomes New Gower Street, after which: New Gower Street becomes Queen’s Road.

Because of a “one way” section on Queen’s Road in front of the “Gower Street United Church” (Brown brick building), you will be prompted to detour behind the church to the right in order to get back to Queen’s Road. Drive around the church and continue on Queen’s Road.

“Balmoral House” (yellow building) will be on your left-hand side #38.

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