Our Earth-Care Commitment

Balmoral House has made a life-long commitment to environmental responsibility. Being environmentally responsible is not a one day job. It is a commitment and one that Balmoral House is dedicated to for life. Every three months, new products and practices are introduced to Balmoral House Earth-Care, furthering our goal to reduce our impact on the environment. Of course, all the while, we protect the high-quality hotel alternative experience our guests expect.

  • Cleaning Supplies: All rooms cleaned with environmentally friendly cleaning products.
  • Soy Inks: All corporate collateral is printed on recycled paper using soy based ink.
  • Recycled Paper: Printing on recycled paper.
  • Organic Beverages: All complimentary coffee is organic, shade grown and/or fair trade.
  • Towel/Linen Reuse: Guests have the opportunity to do their part to reduce energy and detergents required for daily washings.
  • Recycling: Back of house recycling programs addressing glass, bottles, paper, cardboard, etc.
  • Energy Conservation: Back of house lighting retrofitted and audited to ensure energy efficient bulbs are in place.
  • Water Conservation: Implementation and auditing of low flow systems for faucets, toilets, and showers.
  • Best Practices: We conduct environmental activities such as recycling of coat hangers, elimination of Styrofoam cups, paperless check-ins/outs, organic flowers, and more…
  • Recycling bins: Guests are encouraged to participate in reducing our environmental impact.
  • Supplies: Eco-friendly products.